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Picture Book Critique Service

Picture books look deceptively easy. But writing a well-crafted, entertaining, and marketable story in 1000 words or less takes skill and practice. If you are struggling with your picture book manuscript let me help.


Here is what you can expect:

  I will look at the Big Picture to determine if the plot is working.

  I will do a line-by-line critique, which includes suggested cuts and comments.

  I will point out the strengths of the manuscript as well as concerns.


You will receive a one-page written critique as well as your marked-up manuscript in a timely manner. I will answer any follow-up questions you may have about the critique.


Here are my qualifications:

 Over 60 children’s books with well-respected national publishers.

 Critiques for SCBWI members in over 10 states and at the National conference.

★  I have taught picture book workshops to hundreds of people.

 I have been a professional children’s writer for over 20 years.


Here are the fees and fine points:

Fee: $150 for a picture book manuscript 1000 words or less.

If you would like a second look after you’ve revised according to my critique: $75


Email me first to check availability.


Send manuscript as Word attachment with the word

CRITIQUE/YOUR NAME in the subject line To:


Lisa gives my work the same careful attention to detail that she gives her own.  With every critique, she teaches what makes a manuscript strong enough to shine, challenging the writer to steadily improve. Lisa's honesty and sense of humor have guided me through many revisions along the road to sales that she celebrated along with me. I'll stop now, before she gets a big head.

--Jessica Swaim, author of The Hound From The Pound and other silly rhyming books, Colorado 


Lisa’s critique was a win-win situation-for my story and my confidence as a picture book writer. Her suggestions tightened and polished my manuscript. She is professional, knowledgeable and wants to help other writers succeed.--Donna Merogi, Michigan

If you want to be the best, you surround yourself with the best, and my critique from Lisa was exactly that!  I have been a picture book writer for almost five years, a rhyme loving soul to the core. I decided I wanted to learn to write prose, not just any prose but great prose, to tell a story that will engage my readers. Lisa's critique was insightful, thoughtful, prompt, and thought provoking.  She made perfect sense in her feedback,  and Lisa helped me to make my story better.

--Brenda Reeves, Maine

The thorough critique process Lisa used, broke down all of the elements and different problems of the manuscript, into simple form. I was able to revise my book with a new light and I am confident that it is strong and publishable now. Lisa goes "above and beyond"  with her critique duties, because she loves her job and she truly cares about helping other aspiring writers. I will use the knowledge I learned from her to help others as well.

--Susi Walter, Michigan

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