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Babies Can Sleep Anywhere

Author Lisa Wheeler

Illustrator Carolina Buzio



ISBN-13: 978-1419725364


Animal babies snuggle up in pretty specific places, like caves, burrows and logs. Human babies aren't quite so rustic, but when the mood strikes, they can curl up right where they are and fall fast asleep.


With gentle rhyme by Lisa Wheeler and cozy illustrations by Carolina Buzio, this collection of dozing animals and drowsy babies is sure to inspire a yawn, a nod, and maybe even a nap.



. . .The rhyming verses are gently somnolent: “Sloth stretches out in a moss-covered tree. / Cougars curl up in a lair. // Whales settle down in the deepest blue sea. / But babies can sleep anywhere.” This pattern holds throughout, showing three animals at rest and then a babe asleep—in this case, atop a father’s belly while the two float in an inner tube. Other spots include a woman’s arms, in a backpack baby carrier, inside a bucket at the beach, and slumped over the tray of a high chair. . . Amid the old standbys Wheeler nicely includes some less-familiar (and less-loved) animals: wolves, mole, skunk, and moose, for example. Búzio’s . . .scenes tend toward the graphically simple. . . Skin colors are notably diverse, and the ending scene is particularly strong, showing couples that are gay and interracial and a woman in a headscarf. Búzio’s palette is strong in mint, lemon, salmon, and red, lending a retro feel to her illustrations.

Yes, babies can indeed sleep anywhere, and perhaps this book is the way to get them there.— Kirkus Review

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