Sixteen Cows

author: Lisa Wheeler

illustrator: Kurt Cyrus




Cowboy Gene was long and lean,

hair of red and eyes of green.

Loved all the cows on Biddle Ranch

and everytime he got the chance...


"Preschool crowds will cheer for this rhyming cowboy romance... Cowboy Gene, "long and lean," and Cowgirl Sue, "smart and true," graze their cows on adjacent ranches. When a wind blows down the fence between their properties and the herds blend together, the two cowhands battle over ownership of the livestock--until they think of a truce: Why not get hitched and combine the herds? Wheeler's text bounces along with an irresistible rhyme and rhythm using words and phrases straight off the ranch, while Cyrus' smooth, brightly colored paintings capture the story's humor and farce with rakish angles and uncluttered detail that bring onlookers up close to the cowbell-clanging action. Great for rowdy story hours. Gillian Engberg

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Ideas and Activities

Prepared By Karen Antikajian

Activity Guide:

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Nominated for the 2009–2010
ORA Patricia Gallagher Picture Book Award

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