One Dark Night

author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Ivan Bates

ISBN-10: 0152058885



"A very encouraging story in praise of unlikely friendships, told with poetic economy and a nod to the fact that such liaisons are ruefully rare." 

©Kirkus 2003

"Wheeler's engaging rhymes and well-timed cross-cutting between the scenes creates an air of shivery expectancy."  

© Publishers Weekly

2004 Michigan Reads Selection!

Junior Library Guild Selection

Children's Book-of-the-Month Club Selection

2004 New Hampshire Ladybug Picture Book Award Nominee

2004 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Nominee

2004 Texas 2x2 Reading List

Released in the UK with Gullane Children's Books!

Soon to be released in paperback in Australia with Koala Books!

Activity Guide:

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In a wee little house,

In a wee little hole,

Lived a wee little mouse

And a wee little mole.

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