Mammoths on the Move

author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Kurt Cyrus


Starred Review

With mountainous dignity, mammoths lumber across wide prehistoric landscapes as Wheeler traces their ancient annual round in verse: "Come colder days, those mammoth herds/migrated south, just like the birds./ Their menu had to be improved,/ so mammoths packed their trunks and moved." Limning heavy tusks and each shaggy lock in strong lines and rich golden hues, Cyrus views the page-filling pachyderms from low angles, capturing a sense of their massive presence as they loom over small trees, plod through snow storms, gather in a defensive circle at the sight of a saber-toothed tiger and paddle, trunks up, across deep water...this compelling introduction, and rightly tempted to echo the awed refrain: "Big and bulky,/ huge and hulky,/ wide and woolly mammoths!" © Kirkus

Buoyant language and vivid artwork depict the excitement of the migration of... woolly mammoths. The words flow smoothly, providing interesting bits of information about the animals within the rhymed framework. . .This successful mixture of rhyme, facts, and illustration, applied to a fascinating subject, will make this picture book a popular choice.© School Library Journal

ALA Notable Children’s Book

Parents Choice Recommended Award

Society of School Librarians International Honor Book

Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee

Abilene Mockingbird Award Nominee

Armadillo Reader's Choice Selection

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