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This page is dedicated to the books of my good friend, children's author, Linda Smith. Linda died of breast cancer in June, 2000. She did not get to see any of her contracted books in print. Linda left behind a husband, Russ Hendershott, and eight beautiful children. It is Angella, Danny, Kali, Annie, Christopher, Benjamin, Charlie, and Alex that I think of while I create this page.

MRS. CRUMP'S CAT                                           

By Linda Smith

Illustrated by David Roberts


ISBN: 0060283025


By Linda Smith

Illustrated by Kathryn Brown

HarperCollins Juvenile Books

ISBN: 0060283017

The Inside Tree

Illustrated by David Parkins

Harpercollins Juvenile Books

ISBN: 006028241X

ISBN-13: 978-0060282417

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Boot

Illustrated By Jane Manning

HarperCollins Juvenile Books

When the fog gave her the whiffles

She held her broomstick steady,

Stabbed the dreary lot of it

And swirled it like spaghetti!

From Horn Book

Smith's verse skips along with good-humored determination, while Frazee's energetic illustrations reinforce a meaning that goes beyond the conventional "make lemonade." © 2002 The Horn Book Magazine

From School Library Journal

Frazee's dramatic illustrations slather the pages in black and gray with subtle color highlights and eerie swirls of white...Mrs. B. is a determined little witch with a great shock of frizzled ponytail.  She gleefully struts around the baking bad day and devours it greedily...its overarching theme is one of empowerment by facing one's troubles squarely. © 2002 Mary Ann Carcich, Mattituck-Laurel Public Library, Mattituck, NY

From Publishers Weekly  

The jaunty rhythm of Smith's words captures the energy of her protagonist s out-of-the-box thinking and sheer determination. Young readers may well come away with a new zeal for their own endeavors.©2002 Cahners Business Information Inc.

From Kirkus Reviews  

Smith's posthumous text displays the animated rhythm and rhyme of her debut, When The Moon Fell Down; Frazee (Everywhere Babies, 2001, etc.) gets not only Mrs. Biddlebox's evil mood just right, but her ultimate "witchety delight" too as, with a full belly, she throws open her window (a door in the verse, but let's not quibble) to a moonlit night aswirl, this time, with flower-like stars.


By Linda Smith

Illustrated by Marla Frazee


ISBN: 0152063498

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