Castaway Cats

author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Ponder Goembel

ISBN-10: 0689862326

ISBN-13: 978-0689862328

Starred Review

“The Cast of characters includes a wisecracking marmalade Tom, an angora diva, and a tough alley cat with a heart of Gold. Goembel's illustrations done in acrylic and ink are fantastic and provide wonderful insight into the side stories developing as the book progresses.”

— School Library Journal

“I got the idea for Castaway Cats on a road trip to Florida. I was thinking about the wonderful cats that Ponder created in our book, Sailor Moo. The next thing I knew, a line fell into my head: On an island in the ocean/ near the land of Singapore/ midst a storm of great proportion/fifteen cats were washed ashore. I wrote this down in my notebook immediately. Then, I began to wonder about all those cats. Who were they? How would they survive? What's their story? That was the beginning and all those furry felines didn't let me down.”
— Lisa Wheeler

Illustrations copyright © Ponder Goembel

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