Boogie Knights

author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Mark Siegel

ISBN-10: 0689876394

ISBN-13: 9780689876394

Starred Reviews

“There’s a shindig brewing at the castle one night, as werewolves, zombies, mummies, and all manner of creepy characters make their way through silent halls to the Madcap Monster Ball. The stronghold’s seven sibling knights, posed in full armor in an impressive row, supposedly stand guard, but are actually fast asleep. One by one, each warrior is stirred by the commotion and leaves his post to check out its cause–only to find himself joining in the fun and dancing the night away. Wheeler’s rhythmic text is filled with taut rhymes, alliteration, and vivid images. The raucous verses detail the events and spirit of the upbeat party with lively zeal, while the narrative’s wordplay makes it worthy of repeated readings...”

© School Library Journal

“Upstairs, unawares,” six of the knights are sleeping. The seventh, aptly named Sir Veillance, awakens first and heads downstairs to join monsters mashing, bogeys bashing and the like. No one expects Sir Prize to show up. (Ha!) The pun-ishment continues: “ ‘It’s getting late,’ tough Sir Loin states. ‘Our honor is at stake.’ ” Knight after knight wakes up to join the giddy dance. By midnight, all seven are cavorting merrily, and even the bug-eyed prince is twirling about with a ghostly princess...” © Kirkus


Shiny faces

take their places,

standing weary in the hall.

Seven Sleepers

close their peepers―

dream of the next year’s monster’s ball.

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