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Have you ever had an idea for a picture book but didn't know where to start?

Do you have a completed manuscript but don't know what to do next?

Have you ever wished that someone would take you step-by-step through manuscript revision so your picture book is ready to submit?

Award-winning children’s author, Lisa Wheeler, and professor of writing at Adrian College, Beth Myers,

will help you strengthen your picture book writing.

This one day workshop teaches participants how to do all that and more!.

When: Jan. 30th, 2016

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Where: Adrian College

The Alumni Lounge (Room 125)

Valade Hall

110 Madison St.

Adrian, MI 49221

Fee for Work Shop: $100

To register, contact:  

Important: Participants must bring a picture book manuscript with them to workshop.

*Coffee and water will be provided.

You will have a one hour for lunch and may wish to bring your own.

Or, check out the local eateries.

**If we do not get at least 20 participants this event may be cancelled.

Upcoming Workshop!
When Less is More:
Revising Your Picture Book

Here is what participants are saying: 

“Don't let anyone tell you picture books aren't selling - you just need to make yours the best it can be. If you're really serious about getting published in the picture book market, this is the workshop you need.  I attended Picture Book Bootcamp in June 2009, and found Lisa's encouragement and enthusiasm irresistible. Best of all, this August 2009 my manuscript Victricia Malicia Calamity Higgins was contracted for publication in 2010!!”--Carrie Clickard, Michigan

"It was very informative and I learned a lot of things that I plan to put in place when submitting my next manuscript. . . after going through the workshop with you, I was able to more effectively go through my own manuscript and see things that needed to be re-worked." --Shanna Jones, Michigan

"It was one of the best workshop experiences I have ever had.  I am applying what I learned and it feels great.  I have made changes to a picture book manuscript using some of your workshop tips and I reduced a nonfiction opening on another.  Your handout comments seem to stick in my head.  How fabulous."  --Linda Anderson, North Carolina

"I just wanted to extend my deep gratitude to you for providing such a wonderful seminar.  It  has proven to really jumpstart my summer of writing... I've started three more stories, two of which came from doodles in the corner of a handout.  I am reworking on my manuscript with a much clearer roadmap." --Marie Briganti Peterson, Michigan

"Thank you for an informative workshop that. . . pointed me in new directions.  Your ideas were just what I needed to get back into revision on one of my picture books."  --Pat Nesbitt, Alabama

"Thanks so much for a great workshop! I knew much of the information, but never had it presented and organized in such an understandable way."

--Lisa Chottiner, Michigan

"Thanks again for a great workshop. You gave me so many ideas for my work!" --Holly Folsom, Tennessee

  1. * Click link to Holly's Facebook where she displays photos from the Nashville boot Camp

"Thank you.  This was the best presentation ever.  Show, don't tell.  You showed us how to make our writing better."

--Charlet Johnson, Kentucky

This one day workshop teaches participants how to develop a lean, muscular body of work.

When Less is More:
Revising Your Picture Book

When Less is More:
Revising Your Picture Book

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