Ugly Pie

Author:  Lisa Wheeler

Illustrator:Heather Solomon

ISBN-10:  0152167544

ISBN-13:  9780152167547


Complete with its own ugly pie recipe, this yummy read-aloud will have readers itching to visit loved ones, play outside and make their own delectable dessert.


“Sweet molasses, my-oh-my. I’m itchin’ for some Ugly Pie!” sings Ol’ Bear as he sets out in search of one.. . . This humorous tale should appeal greatly to little cubs everywhere.

—School Library Journal


The watercolor-and-acrylic illustrations pleasingly crowd the pages with forest details and friendly, wardrobed

animal characters. Playful type placement adds swing to Ol’ Bear’s ditty, while a two-page recipe

completes the tasty package.


About the book:

Ol' Bear's got a hankering for some Ugly Pie. So off he goes on a search past woodsy little homes where he smells the drifting scent of pie. Grandpa Grizzle's got a pleasin' pumpkin pie. Ma Hickory has a righteous rhubarb pie. Sweet Cicely has a heavenly honey pie. But no one has any Ugly Pie--just the ugliest ingredients you ever did see. Wait one second! Ingredients? Maybe it's time for Ol' Bear to start cookin' up something himself!


So with a heap of hope and a

hitch of his britches, Ol’ Bear

went off in search of Ugly Pie.

As he walked along, he sang a song.

“Sweet molasses, my-oh-my.

I’m itchin’ for some Ugly Pie!”

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Golden Sower Award


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