Hokey Pokey:

Another Prickly Love Story

author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Janie Bynum

ISBN-10: 0316000906

ISBN-13: 978-0316000901

Cushion the porcupine loves Barb the hedgehog. Barb loves to dance, but Cushion has two left feet. Even when he tries his best, he always ends up stepping on someone’s foot or pricking someone with his quills. How will he ever learn to dance with Barb? The hilarious text (complete with silly songs composed by Cushion himself) is paired with equally lively and adorable illustrations. This is the perfect se-quill to Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story.


Cushion, a porcupine, is in love with Barb, a hedgehog who loves to dance. But Cushion is totally inept at his friend's favorite activity. No matter how hard he tries, he always messes up. When Tally-Ho tries to teach him the fox trot, he trots right over the fox's bushy tail. While learning the bunny hop from Clover, he hops onto the rabbit's foot, and while attempting the funky chicken, he manages to shoot quills all over Biddy Hen's bottom. Finally Barb solves the problem by teaching him to dance herself, and they end on a note of triumph, dancing the night away with the Hokey Pokey, 'Cause that's what [friendship's] all about! This upbeat story with very affable characters is enhanced by whimsical illustrations that carry out the humor.

–Sally R. Dow, Ossining Public Library, NY Copyright © Reed Business Information

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