author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Barry Gott

ISBN-10: 082259028X

ISBN-13: 978-0822590286


Once again Wheeler and Gott have teamed up for an action-packed sports extravaganza. The Grazers, in gold, take on the blue-uniformed Biters in a rough-and-tumble soccer match. . .Sports fans and dinosaur lovers will delight in this follow-up to Dino-Hockey.

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Can you imagine what might happen if a group of meat-eating dinosaurs got together with a group of plant-eating dinosaurs for a friendly game of soccer?  Lisa Wheeler, author of the popular Dino-Hockey, whimsically describes how the Biters in blue, with T.Rex as their striker, challenge the Grazers in gold, with Ankylosaurus as their striker, to a soccer match. . .Wheeler has met hundreds of soccer-playing youngsters who asked her to write a dino-soccer book.  Gott spent much of his childhood both playing soccer and also playing with toy dinosaurs.  Working with each other, they have produced a winning combination. 

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A 2009 Junior Library Guild Selection!

When veggie-nibbling Grazers and meat-munching Biters take to the soccer field, it’s a showdown of prehistoric proportions!


Dinos huddle up at noon.

Soccer game is starting soon.

Here come herds of soccer fans and dino-moms in minivans.

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