author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Barry Gott

ISBN-10: 0761344292

ISBN-13: 9780761344292

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About the book:

When the plant-eating Green Sox face the meat-eating Rib-Eye Reds, baseball will never be the same. Tied zip to zip, the game is a pitchers' duel until the Green Sox's hothead manager goes snout to snout with the dodo umpire and gets tossed out. The Sox respond with their veggie-powered bats and score three runs! Momentum swings back to the Reds before the seventh inning stretch, and they're all tied up in the bottom of the ninth. Will this game need extra innings, or will Apatosaur save the day?


Jurassic Park...a perfect day.

Dino-Baseball’s under way!

Green Sox host the Rib-Eyes Reds—

Some pterosaurs, some quadrupeds.

Caps with brims shield midday sun.

Shoes with cleats help dinos run.


Wheeler and Gott already proved they have a winning formula with Dino-Hockey and Dino-Soccer, and there's plenty for dinosaur/sports fanatics to enjoy in this latest installment (the final page hints at a basketball follow-up). It's a beautiful day in Jurassic Park (ballpark, that is), and the herbivores and carnivores are taking the field for the season's final game. The crowd is enthusiastic—and similarly extinct. Wheeler's sturdy, concise couplets provide a nicely percussive play-by-play: “Stego rumbles down the line./ Compy calls, 'This one is mine!'/ Gloves the ball. Throws him out./That's what baseball's all about!” (The dinosaurs' nicknames are set in contrasting type; a list of their full names can be found in team rosters displayed on the Jumbotron on the first page). Gott nails the drama of high-stakes game with a series of skewed perspectives and never overplays the comedy—his dinosaurs, with their imposing heft and improbably balletic grace, are more than capable of conveying the sublime absurdity of it all. -Publishers Weekly

… Once again, the play-by-play action in the acrylic paintings and the rhyming text (“Green Sox need to change the score. / Their only hope? Apatosaur!”) will captivate young baseball fans, while the humor in each incongruous scene will widen the book’s audience to sports-ambivalent kids. A final spread hints at the series’ next installment: “Buy your tickets at the court / for Dino-Hoops—next season’s sport!” -Booklist

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Chosen as a nominee for the

Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards Program for the coming 2011-2012 school year in the Kindergarten - Grade 3 category.

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