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author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Barry Gott

ISBN-10: 1467702129

ISBN-13: 978-1467702126

The Dino-Wrestling Jamboree is ON! Dinos compete in all styles of wrestling at this gigantic event. Allo and Ankylo grapple in a folkstyle match. Lucha Libre fans go wild as the masked Tarbosaurus takes on Iguano. Tricera and Gigano loom large on the sumo dohyo, while over in the freestyle tent, Leso and Compy battle for the pin. Just what will happen when the Diplo and Ptero tag teams rumble in the WWD fight? You won't want to miss this action!

Wheeler and Gott continue to pit dino against dino in athletic competitions; having already covered football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey, they explore different forms of wrestling in this addition to their series. In the first bout, a singlet-wearing ankylosaurus takes down an allosaurus; lucha libre, Greco-Roman, and sumo wrestling follow, among other styles, and the ultra-rowdy final pages celebrate “the superstars of the WWD” (“As officials call for quiet,/ fans joins in. Now it’s a riot!”). As usual, Gott offers dynamic, vivid interpretations of each showdown, and the last page teases the next book in the series (think Tony Hawk).
            —Publishers Weekly 

Combining spot-on rhythms and rhymes with a narrative style that is akin to a sports announcer, the verses fly by as the dinosaurs gather to watch and participate in the Dino-Wrestling Jamboree.

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T-Rex’s arms are way too short. Why did he ever choose this sport?