Even Monsters Need to Sleep

author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Chris Van Dusen

ISBN-10: 0062366408

ISBN-13: 978-0062366405

Even Monsters Need to Sleep by acclaimed author-illustrator team Lisa Wheeler and Chris Van Dusen puts a fresh and humorous spin on the classic bedtime story. Perfect for readers who enjoy How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? and other subversive bedtime tales.

What do you do before you go to bed at night?

Bigfoot hugs his wooby extra tight, while aliens have pillow fights.

Nessie gets a drink, then swims down deep.

But in the end, everybody needs to sleep . . . even monsters!

Rhyming text and detailed, fantastic art invite readers to follow along with little monster's bedtime reading. . . Ensuing pages appear to be from the book they're reading as they depict a series of fantastic creatures heading off to bed. The verse is usually written as three rhyming lines, with a fourth line breaking the rhyme and reading "Even Bigfoot needs to sleep" but substituting the word "Bigfoot" with "dragons" or "bridge trolls" or "giants" and so on. The gouache illustrations employ a saturated, vivid palette that isn't at all restful in busy compositions filled with detail. . . Even if it doesn't send kids straight off to dreamland, it will keep them looking; snuggled close with a grown-up, that's not all bad.



Cuddly, carefully painted monsters of every stripe are comforted by reliable nighttime rituals in this frisky but soothing bedtime story. "When Bigfoot goes to bed each night,/ he hugs his wooby extra tight/ and leaves on just a little light./ Even Bigfoot needs to sleep,". . .A big, brown furball, Bigfoot wears a red union suit, clutches his wooby (a blue bunny), and nabs a firefly in a jar for a nightlight before bedding down in a tree. Subsequent spreads feature aliens in footie pajamas, a braces-wearing dragon who can't stop chattering, and a troll whose "big-boy bed is by a brook,/ tucked inside a comfy nook./ Nanny reads his favorite book" (it's The Three Billy Goats Gruff, of course), among other creatures. Van Dusen (President Taft Is Stuck in the Bath) imagines a frame for the story, too, as a blue monster child holds her two-headed doll while her father reads to her then checks for children under the bed. The book is sure to do the trick at bedtime, and it's gentle enough even for readers who find monsters intimidating.

— Publisher’s Weekly

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