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author Lisa Wheeler

illustrator Barry Gott

ISBN-10: 1467702145

ISBN-13: 978-1467702140

The Land Sharks take on the Algae Eaters in a dino-swimming showdown! Raptor and Stegosaurus start it off in the individual medley, while the Ptero twins battle it out in the butterfly race. Then Galli and Diplo wow the crowd with their flips and tricks off the diving board! But which team will win the swim meet? It comes down to the last event, the backstroke. Both Stego and Galli think they'll take the prize. Let's hope these dinos remembered their goggles this swim meet is bound to make a splash!


It’s hot outside. Don’t lose your cool.

Today’s event is all the pool.

Come and watch two teams compete.

Hooray! A Dino-Swimming meet!

The dinosaur teams . . . don their Speedos, caps, and goggles for a swim meet between the Land Sharks (carnivores) and the Algae Eaters (herbivores). . . .A smidgen of drama comes into play when Triceratops is disqualified; however, in this case, it’s an honest mistake, rather than the squabbling that has cropped up between the dinos in past sporting events. With each team winning a few races, the result is a nail-biting finish. The energetic, brightly colored illustrations feature stylized dinosaurs with enough authenticity that little dinosaur experts will be appeased.  

—Randall Enos, Booklist Sept 2015


It’s the Land Sharks (carnivores) versus the Algae Eaters (herbivores) in the swim meet at the center of this latest addition to the series. As in the previous books, readers will find an accurate depiction of the sport itself, even if license is taken with the participants. The dinosaurs compete in events from medley and freestyle to a diving competition, culminating in a relay that the Algae Eaters come together to win, even if their opponents win the meet. The dinosaurs behave just like kids, pouting at times, making false starts, and displaying nerves. Though sometimes dinosaurs’ names are shortened to fit the scheme of the rhyming text (for example: “Ankylo’s rhythms are slow and steady”), learning about dinosaurs is not really the point. VERDICT Bright illustrations full of movement and a bouncy rhyming text convey the basics of a swim meet in a fun way. —Kathleen Kelly MacMillan, School Library Journal Aug. 2015


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